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Why Qwks?

Qwks helps businesses shine by transforming their links into powerful tools for marketers and customer support teams. Make your links powerful marketing assets. They’re so powerful, businesses that use them get up to 34% more clicks.

What are the benefits of a URL shortener?

You might be thinking that shortening your URL is an extra step, but it is an important one. URL shorteners are beneficial because they can make a link more visually appealing, it allows you to show off your brand, and shortened links will fit in places where you have a limited number of characters to use.
Using a URL shortener can also help users to feel more comfortable clicking. Sometimes links can be spam, but with shorteners, your users will be familiar with your brand. With shortened links, you may even get more clicks.

Get more clicks with custom links

Make your links powerful marketing assets. Custom links replace “” with your chosen domain name, making your links consistently recognizable across channels. They’re so powerful, businesses that use them get up to 34% more clicks.

Create recognizable links

Take custom links a step further with custom back-halves. When you edit the back-half of a link you give people a preview of where you’re sending them, building trust and boosting click-throughs.

Turn your links into brand assets

With trust comes action. Businesses that share custom links see up to a 34% boost in click-throughs. It’s simple: If your audience trusts your links and knows where they lead, they’re more likely to click on them.